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Hotel Near Monte Sant'Angelo Apulia

The perfect place to stay for nature lovers, the Hotel San Giovanni Rotondo Palace is not far from the Foresta Umbra, (the Shady Forest).

Situated in the heart of the Gargano National Park, the nature reserve is easily reachable in an hour by car travelling along the SS272 and the SP52b.

It is located in the central eastern part of the Gargano region at 800 metres above sea level and covers an area of some 10,000 hectares which have been divided into four different areas in order to regulate public access and thus preserve the environment and the unique species of flora and fauna.

Worthy of note are the “old beech woods” which are primeval forests of beech such as those in the Carpathians and other parts of Europe which have been under the protection of UNESCO since 2017.

The Foresta Umbra has a rich variety of trees such as maples, hornbeams, turkey oaks, lindens and holm oaks.  The celebrated “Zappino dello Scorzone” is a real landmark.  It is a massive 700 year old Aleppo pine with a circumference of 5 metres and reaches a height of 20 metres.

When it comes to the fauna, you may get to see hares, pheasants, wild boar, foxes, roe deer, squirrels, weasels, woodpeckers, fallow deer, badgers, wild cats, crows, magpies, blackcaps, eagles and barn owls.


The San Giovanni Rotondo Palace is really convenient for guests wishing to visit the Foresta Umbra because the hotel is also not far from Monte Sant’Angelo, the municipality in which the nature reserve is situated.

Once you have reached your destination, you will be able to enjoy so many activities, excursions and the chance to relax and enjoy communing with nature on a daily basis.

This is the perfect location for any type of visitor but particularly for families with small children who will be enchanted by their surroundings and the 2,000 different species of plants that cover the countryside.

We would especially recommend a visit to the lake and to the area where the fallow deer can be found as well as trekking along the numerous trails that can be followed throughout the region.

Amongst those we would suggest are the “Caritate - Sfilzi”, which takes around 3 hours and the “Laghetto d’Umbra – Falascone”, which can be covered in an hour.

There is no shortage of trails that you can enjoy cycling along as well as plenty of picnic areas.

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