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Hotel in Gargano

The San Giovanni Rotondo Palace is a hotel situated in the Gargano region, the perfect place for those who wish to visit “the spur of Italy.”

This comfortable and welcoming 4 Star hotel can offer seven different types of room, a wide range of amenities and services which make this the perfect venue for travellers and holiday-makers of every kind.

One of the hotel’s most important attributes is its very strategic location.  It is situated on the Gargano peninsula, just a short distance from a variety of different places of natural, cultural and historical interest.

You will find us in the heart of San Giovanni Rotondo, the ultimate destination for pilgrims and the travelling faithful.


The hotel is situated within the Gargano National Park, a plus point that enables guests to reach a myriad of different locations of exceptional beauty and importance both quickly and easily. 

Of these, we would highlight the Grotta di San Michele (a UNESCO World Heritage Site); the Abbey of Santa Maria di Pulsano and the hermits’ caves; the cliffs and rocks emerging from the sea along the coast of Gargano; the La Salata necropolis; the Trappeto Maratea Museum, the Vico del Gargano underground oil mill; the Gargano Canyon; the Torrente Romondato, the grotto of San Michele di Cagnano Varano and the Pozzatina sinkhole.

Travelling on along the Gargano peninsula from the hotel, you will come to the Umbra Forest, the Paglicci cave, the coastal towers, Salso Lake and the Frattarolo marshes, the archaeological site of Avicenna, the citrus oasis and Pizzomunno.


The hotel, which is situated in the heart of the Gargano region, is ideal for families because it isn’t far from the Paleontological Museum and Dinosaur Park of Borgo Celano.

The Museum is just 7 kilometres from the hotel and can be easily reached by car.  An interactive itinerary enables you to experience a journey through time whilst the Museum has illustrative panels, films, dioramas and reconstructions of different places based on scientific studies. You can also follow a path through the park where you will be able to see actual remains as well as reconstructions of natural and uncontaminated habitats with life-sized creatures that lived in this area some 120 million years ago.

Ideally situated close to numerous points of interest, the hotel offers seven different types of guest rooms, a restaurant and a bar.


Choose the San Giovanni Rotondo Palace Hotel in Gargano.

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