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Hotel Near the Gargano Nature Reserve

Booking to stay at a hotel near the Gargano Nature Reserve, such as the San Giovanni Rotondo Palace, will enable you to access some of the most beautiful locations in the area both quickly and easily.

The nature reserve is one of the largest protected areas in Italy covering 118,144 hectares and also includes the Tremiti Islands and the Umbra Forest.

Inside the Reserve, you’ll find unique and very particular habitats: dense forests, Mediterranean scrub, karst plateaux, imposing cliffs overlooking the sea, caves, wooded valleys, coastal lagoons, rolling hills and open plains.


Staying at this Hotel so close to the Gargano Nature Reserve provides guests with the opportunity to admire a rich variety of flora with some 2,000 botanical species which flourish in this microclimate that enables some unique plants to grow in natural conditions which are unlike anywhere else in the world.

Here you will find beech trees, Aleppo pines, Mediterranean scrub, oaks, turkey oaks, holm oaks, ash trees, elm, holly, chestnut trees and maples.  The undergrowth is covered with ferns, brambles, dog roses and both edible and poisonous mushrooms.  . On the hillsides, you’ll be able to spot wild pear and apple trees, hawthorn, lentiscus, juniper, thyme, brambles and Indian fig.

The hotel’s strategic location, inside the Gargano Nature Reserve, makes it easy for guests to reach a wide variety of natural attractions such as the Federico II marshes or the coastal lagoons.


Places that are also of particular interest are the woods of Monte Sant’Angelo, Monte Sacro and Spina Pulci. The local fauna covers some 170 different species of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.  You are likely to see woodpeckers, buzzards, peregrine falcons, sparrow hawks, barn owls and other species of owls, blackbirds, thrushes, egrets, herons, mallards, Italian roe deer, Apennine wolves, fallow deer, weasels, foxes, badgers, dormice, squirrels, turtles, vipers, grass snakes, toads and frogs.

The hotel’s location, so close to the Gargano Nature Reserve enables guests to explore the area on various different routes: “The Farmhouses of the Gargano”, “The Silent Hermitages”, “Gargano’s Green Gold”, “The Romans’

 Gargano and the La Salata necropolis”, “Spring Itineraries” and “Saints and Orchids.”

The different types of Orchids that grow here are of special interest.  There are over 80 different species belonging to 17 different genera that have been recorded on the Gargano promontory.


Choose a hotel near the Gargano Nature Reserve, book at the San Giovanni Rotondo Palace.

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